Q: Will I be able to meet and talk to doctors?

A: Absolutely! You will have multiple opportunities to engage with the medical field, like in our Distinguished Lecture Series where a panel of health care professionals talks about their medical paths and advice they have gleaned as well as the volunteering/shadowing our Shadowing committee provides. We also host an event where you will be able to have personalized interactions with doctors over dinner!

Q: Can I compete in HOSA (Future Health Professionals)?

A: Yes—you can participate in collegiate level HOSA.

Q: How is HOSA in the collegiate division different from the secondary division (high school level)?

A: Both HOSA divisions offer the same opportunities; the primary distinction is that as a TAMS student, you will be competing against other members in the collegiate division and not from the secondary division as you would have done in your previous high school. 

Note: TAMS students are part of the UNT HOSA chapter

Q: When are our GAs?

A: Our GAs will be held every Wednesday at 9pm! Keep an eye out for our infamous Bio Review GAs!