Make A Wish



Fundraiser Committee

Hi! We're the TMS Make-A-Wish Committee for 2022-2023! Our goal is to connect the TAMS community with the Make-A-Wish foundation in a way that will allow TAMS students to be a part of the global organization. We will be offering many volunteering events through which TAMS students will be able to give back to their community. For next year, we have all sorts of fundraisers planned as well as a special card-making event!



Monishalakshmi Gopalakrishnan


Samhita Anipindi

Hello!!!! I know my name's SUPER long, so feel free to call me Monisha. I'll be your TMS Make A Wish Committee Head for next year as well as your TAMS Elm Fork and Little Leaps Committee Heads. When I'm not stressing about classes, you can find me doing yoga at the Rec center, watching shows, or playing billiards. Reach out to me if you want to talk about anything, or if you need someone to stress with! ^^

Hey, my name is Parth but a lot of people call me Kanky! I am gonna be one of your TMS Make A Wish Committee Head in this upcoming school year. Some things I enjoy doing are hanging out out with friends and playing basketball. Please reach out to me if you have any questions concerning this committee.

Parth Kankran

My name is Samhita Anipindi and I’ll be one of your TMS Make a Wish Committee Heads for the 2022-2023 school year. I am also an exec for Dull Roar, Committee head for Ambassadors Outreach, Committee Head for Ballot Buzz, and a Committee Head for Baking Committee. So, y’all will see me around often! I love listening to kpop, watching kdramas, and writing songs. I genuinely love getting to know others and connecting with the people around me, so feel free to talk to me about anything, whether you have questions, need advice, or just want someone to listen.