Integrated Volunteering



Fundraiser Committee

TMS Integrated Volunteering (IV) is a fundraising committee that serves to raise money and provide volunteering opportunities through various events including Thanksgiving Pies and Valentine’s Candy Grams. TMS IV also contributes to larger TMS events such as Aid the Cause. TMS IV is a way for even those who aren’t interested in medicine to serve the community and health-based organizations like UNAIDS.


Head of Marketing: Neev Mehra

Head of Finance: Arham Kundi

Head of Logistics: Tiffany Gee



Tiffany Gee


Hey! My name is Neev and I am your TMS IV marketing director! I am on the traditional science track and am from Frisco, Texas. I look forward to raising money with you guys this year!


Arham Kundi

Hi! My name is Arham and I am your TMS IV finance director! I am on the traditional science track and am from Allen, Texas. I can’t wait to meet and work with everyone this year!

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany and I will be one of your TMS IV committee heads this year. I am on the biomedical engineering track at TAMS. Before coming here, I attended Founders Classical Academy in Flower Mound. In my free time, I like to read, listen to music, and play volleyball. I look forward to asking for your money this year ;). It’s for a good cause, I promise.

Neev Mehra