Q: As a non traditional science track student, what opportunities could tms offer me? 

A: Through our largest events such as ATC (Aid the Cause) and our annual 5K Run, we provide a series of ways for students from ALL tracks to give back to the community of Denton and beyond! Over the scope of our 12 committees, we offer a variety of opportunities that focus upon educating, fundraising, and volunteering. To name a few, TMS committees such Project Sunshine and Make a Wish strive upon supporting children suffering from critical illnesses through the creation of craft kits and card making.


To learn more about our other committees and how to get involved, visit our “committees” page in which will detail endless other activities. As an organization, we simply aim to do what is in our power to help the lives of others both locally and globally. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine or not, TMS is the place for you! 

Q: Will I be able to meet and talk to doctors? 

A: Absolutely! You will have numerous opportunities to engage within the medical field through events such as our Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS), where a panel of health-care professionals discuss their medical pathways and advice they have acquired. Additionally, TMS committees such as Shadows provides ways for students to gain hands-on medical experience by volunteering and shadowing at nearby clinics/hospitals. We also host a Dinner with Doctors event in which you will be able to have personalized interactions with doctors and other healthcare professionals over dinner! 

Q: Can I compete in HOSA (Future Health Professionals)?How is HOSA in the collegiate division different from the secondary division (high school level)?

A: Yes—you can participate in collegiate level HOSA! Both HOSA divisions offer the same opportunities; the primary distinction is that as a TAMS student you will be competing against other members in the collegiate division and not from the secondary division as you would have done in your previous high school. For additional details, be on the lookout for our GAs in which we will share more knowledge about HOSA!

Note: TAMS students are part of the UNT HOSA chapter

Q: When are our GAs?

A: Our GAs will be held every Tuesday at 10pm! Stay tuned for informative yet entertaining GAs coming your way! Keep an eye out for our AMAZING Bio Exam Reviews and more! See you then!