Mission: During the 2022-2023 School year, the mission of the TAMS Medical Society is to re-define what medical service entails in opposition to stereotypes, be more inclusive by exposing how medicine can fit into a variety of interests, acting as the center for receiving advice, shadowing opportunities, medical service projects, prepare students for their intended careers in the world of healthcare, and instill qualities required for medical field in every way possible. 

Our board’s vision for this upcoming year is to:

  1. Branch out TMS

    • Highlight the intersection of the medical field with other fields like computer science, ethics, nature, research, and more.

  2. Ensure activities and events are making a change in today’s society. 

    • We want to make sure the volunteering and fundraising that happens within TMS are making some positive change in today’s world. 

  3. Educate, inspire, and assist TAMS students who are motivated to save lives. 

    • Through shadowing, Distinguished Lecture Series, educational GAs, and other activities, we want to help out TAMS students achieve their dreams in the overall medical field.